SERRV International Unavailable Inventory

  As of:   03/21/2018   08:25:00  
  This list contains S181 items that are no longer in stock.
  These are items we do not expect to order in the near future.
  They cannot be back ordered.
  We recommend that you take them off your order form.
  If you think this is the wrong catalog, please contact SERRV Customer Care.
  14078 Blue Diamond Long Canvas Tote
  23128 Single Dark Choc Hazelnut Cran Bar
  23170 Drinking Chocolate
  32078 Batik bone blue stretchy bracelets
  33042 Black Seaside Tunic - L
  33054 Purple Jersey Patchwork Shirt - M
  33066 Woven striped tote
  33076 Jersey Traingle Print Shirt - M
  33129 Turquoise blue table runner
  33179 Black Flare Dress - M
  33184 Mod Navy A-Line Dress - L
  33206 Blue and White Stripe Shirt - S
  33213 Coral Flower Dress - XL
  33220 Purple Embroidered Blouse - L
  33226 Blue Paisley Fav Tunic - S
  33233 Black Ikat Jacket - XL
  33246 Yellow Dash Long Tunic - S
  34028 Padma Cuff
  34452 Loopy Seedbead Necklace Coral
  34488 Floral Wall Hanging with Autumn Brights
  34557 Shesham Bank
  34787 Hammered Handled Tray
  34857 Pearl Silver Posts
  34891 Pink Paisley Kashmiri Scarf
  34926 Brass cut-out Angular Earrings
  37748 Black Tiger Eye Filigree Earrings
  37752 Silver Filigree Double Drop Earrings
  45473 Brass and Hematite Gray Bracelet
  65536 Gold Leaf Earrings
  65642 Teal Chunky Collar Sweater - M
  65643 Teal Chunky Shawl Collar Sweater - L
  65701 Mixed gray wool hat
  72841 Peruvian Floral Belt - All Size
  92756 Craft Link S/2 Rectangle Basket
  92765 Purple Floral Teapot
  92794 Purple Flower Small Square Bowls S/2
  92795 Purple Flower Small Square Plates S/2
  95801 Christmas stars box